Multidisciplinary Models of Public Collaborative Divorce Services in Israel
One Size Doesn’t Fit All
Collaborative Practice is Blooming in Israel! By Talia L. Katz, Executive Director
A Publication of the MSBA Family & Juvenile Law Section

Areas of Expertise:

1. Family Law

a. Divorce and Alimony Agreements
d. Consulting and Advising on legal issues concerning
divorce and marriage
e. Common-Law spouse legal rights.
f. Domestic Violence
g. Wills and testaments

2. Real Estate

a. Sale and acquisition of immovable.
b. Taxation
c. Rental contracts
d. Mortgages
e. Cautionary Notes
f. Land Registry Bureau services

3. Estates and Inheritance

• LLB degree in Law (Hebrew University)

• MA in Gender Studies (Women) at Lesley University, Boston. USA.

• Group leading for adults on issues of leadership.

• Practicing lawyer with and independent law office dealing, among other issues, with personal status (mediation) and women rights in family and labor areas.

• Former chairwoman of the women's-lawyer forum of the Israeli Women's Network.

• One of the founders of the Movement for Peace and Equality Between the Genders (an organization in the making).

• Former legal advisor of a shelter for battered women- and of the Legal Bureau of NAAMAT in Ramat-Gan.

Bridging Theory and Practice

Bridging Theory and Practice

Certificate of Attendance

Delaware law school

Delaware law school

• Former chairwoman of "IKAR" coalition (a coalition of human rights organizations for deserted and denied of divorce wives ("agunot").

• Legal advisor of a not-for-profit mediation organization and among the first trainers in the mediation field in Israel.

• Member of the mediation and women's status committee of the Israeli Bar Association.

Lecture tour in USA (April 2009)

4. Notary

a. Translation and certification of Translated
documents: Hebrew-English –French.
b. certification of declarations
c. certification of alimony agreements
d. certification of wills and testaments.
e Powers of Attorney
f. Affidavits and declarations

5. Mediation

a. family mediation (generation gaps)
b. divorce mediation
c. Business mediation.

6. Workshops and lectures:

a. Workshop for Legal Thinking- Gender
b. Mediation and Gender
c. Women's empowerment
d.Succession Law in Israel
e. Human Rights of Women.
(Women's rights in the Family and labor areas)
f. Violence against Women
g. Mediation in Israel

Annapolis Training


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Idith Schaham, Lawyer and Mediator:

LLB degree in Law ( Hebrew University ) and MA in Gender Studies (Women and group conductor for adults on issues of leadership) at Lesley University , Boston , USA (branch in Israel ). Practicing Attorney office with experts in personal status (mediation) and women rights. Former member of the management for two cadences of the I.W.N. and the former chairwoman of the women- Legal forum of the (I.W.N). Nowadays the chairwoman of the comptroller committee.
One of the founders of the Movement for Peace and Equality Between the Genders (Former Chairwoman of the vision committee and the drafting of the vision of this movement).
Founder of "Mediating Women" movement.
Former legal advisor of a shelter for battered women- and of the Legal Bureau of NAAMAT (Feminist movement) in Ramat-Gan. Former Chariwoman of "IKAR" coalition (a coalition of about 25 organizations of women for deserted wives ("agunot") and women denied of a Jewish divorce ("get").Former member of the management of the elected management in the organization for the progress of women in sports.(N.G.O)Married to Hanan and the mother of Elad, Amir and Idan.
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